Things that make me go *squick*

So I like to spend a lot of time lurking in the Feminist blogosphere*. As a social scientist/sociology professor, it’s a good way to keep in touch with real-life interactions and conversations about social justice and to prevent (or at least help prevent) my thoughts from becoming entirely theory-based. (Theory-only studies can be super dangerous if you’re a person who lives in the intersectional sweet-spot between different forms of privilege).

So in my rounds on Tuesday night, I came across a post & thread* on Feministe that led me to this Society Page announcement from the New York Times. I saved the announcement and bookmarked the thread, because I have every intention of using them at some point in this project. But for now, I just want to get this out there: 30ish dudes who are even remotely interested in teenaged girls/ladies make me go *squick*.

*The fact that Word’s spellcheck just accepted blogosphere as a word, without question, is baffling to me, considering the word transgender gets the red-squiggly-line treatment. This will obviously require some investigation at a later date.

*In the comments of that thread, you’ll find a link to this “article” about a Z-list actor and his 16 year old aspiring beauty queen bride. This story is so squick-worthy I cannot even begin to comprehend writing about it. My brain is currently too busy throwing up.

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